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Besides playing solo, I am also playing with the sassy Snarky Sisterz duo and with the traditional folk trio Annie Ol' Thyme. Fun times!

I was grateful to appear as a musical guest on a great podcast that's aired on some cool radio stations in the US- it is called Paradigms and the host is Baruch Zeichner. We talked about the state of the world and other lite stuff ;-)

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"...Lyrically, “I Know You” is a statement of support and strength. “I know you are gonna make it through, ‘cause I know you will make sure I do, too!” Wright seems to just delicately place the lyrics where they need to be. “You can make it through the pain despite the problems that you see.” This song is living proof that the gentlest messages are often the ones that hit the hardest." (4/30/2021)

Songs from "Here I Am" Reviews:

INDIE SPOONFUL "Lisa Ann Wright has an incredible voice that is bold and vibrant. She moves your soul with her warm, resonating, and deep tone. Her performance is heartfelt as she resonates with people on a realistic level with exceptional phrasing and expression. “My Daily Bread is relatable and profound. Lisa Ann can look at the world and layout the hard truth to her listeners in a way that listeners can empathize and also feel heard. "My Daily Bread" a serving of music you don't want to miss." Vict Scott and Staff (Indie Spoonful) November 2nd, 2020

YORK CALLING  “‘My Daily Bread” is a fantastic song, with Wright’s soft vocals pulling along the acoustic guitar melody along perfectly. The chord progression is absolutely beautiful, and the combination of folk and country styles really makes the track stand out on its own. We can’t wait to hear more from her!”

COME HERE FLOYD  "Award winning and delightfully followed, LISA ANN WRIGHT, offers up another single of gentle vibes and assurances with ‘Just A Little Thing’. The unassuming single is about the those little things in life that makes life, worth while. We remember the small and (at the moment) seemingly insignificant. But as our energies dwindle and times becomes a bit shorter, all of the grandeur and magnificence of life are summed up in those twinkle in her eye when she smiled – his attention when you needed a shoulder to cry on. The ballad of acoustic appeal, reminds us that dipping back into that most innocent of times can relieve us of the angst and negativity that we feel so much. LISA ANN WRIGHT is there for you to help guide the way."

 Namaste, y'all. Keep checking back for more news, gigs and songs! And remember, do what ya gotta do to say what ya gotta say!!