Sweet Bye&Bye; CD

"Sweet Bye & Bye" is available at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD, phone 301-270-9090.Also available on Spotify and Pandora. 

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Here I Am

My 2019 EP "Here I Am" can be accessed  here. Several fine musicians contributed their talents, including folks recording in Ithaca area; premier musicians Hank Roberts, Doug Robinson, Michael Wellen, and Jan Nigro, and folks recording in NYC; Justin Mathews and Ginny Sterling, and folks recording in Takoma Park, Steve Steckler and Keith Arneson

Thank you Jeffrey Thomas for being so supportive in helping me with my guitar work on this album. 

And special thanks to Will Russell for pulling this sprawling effort into a coherent EP, and Justin Mathews for mastering it! (Please PM me if you would like me to mail you that archaic thing called a CD, which makes a great coaster for your favorite drink, AND it actually does work in cars old enough to have CD players, too! )



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