Lisa Ann Wright

I'm a singer/songwriter and guitarist from Alexandria, Virginia, with roots in rural upstate New York. I was born on a farm and grew up with the songs sung by folks my parents loved, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Hank Williams. I also grew up listening to the songs my siblings (there are eight of us) loved, so I got healthy doses of the Beatles, Janice Joplin and Jimi Hendrix from my eldest sibs. And as one of the youngest in my family, I got to listen to everyone's favorite music, and I have to say I liked all of it. I enjoy musical theatre and light opera, and I have performed both. I like old time and contradance music and I have played both. I enjoy jazz standards, singer-songwriter, folk, rock, world and indie music and I perform and record in these styles. I have recorded one full album and many singles and one EP with my duo the "Snarky Sisterz." My album "Sweet Bye & Bye"  was listed in  Sing Out! magazine and I cherish that review!

It's been a good couple of years for my songwriting, and as I keep making music I hope to reach a wider audience. This year, "The Kids Ain't Alright" was listed for several months in 2018 as one of the top 100 songs plan the US/Canada on College/Indie stations by

"I Know You" received an honorable mention award at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest gala.

Additionally, "My Daily Bread" was selected for RAWA's Second Annual Song for Social Change Songwriting Competition as one of the runners-up in the contest and has received radio play on “Folk & Acoustic Music” on WLRN, South Florida Public Radio..

I was interviewed recently on Northern Spirit Radio's Song of the Soul program. That was fun! 

Many of my songs such as "The Kids Ain't Alright", "Build A Wall" and" Big Red Tie" are overt commentaries on today's world. Others reflect a more personal point of view. For instance, "I Know You" is a tribute to overcoming hard knocks and moving forward with strength. And "Little Blue Swallow" is reflective of a #MeToo sensibility.

I have played in several bands in DC and New York including Uncle Joe and the Rosebud Ramblers and Lisa and the Tomcats. I am a former full-time but now part-time "Fabulette" of the DC-based band, and I'm also currently performing on the East coast in a duo with Diana Quinn as the "Snarky Sisterz," with a recently released EP featuring two of my new songs.

My first album "Sweet Bye & Bye" won the Washington Area Music Award (WAMMIE) for Debut Album. I'm currently working on a new album of originals with styles ranging from indie to swing to country to the contemplative singer/songwriter. Whether it's more contemporary or old school -- I am passionate about learning new ways of telling musical stories, and songs are always exciting to write!