"Compassionate, deep, and sometimes snarky" Mark Helpsmeet, Northern Spirit Radio

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"Lisa Ann Wright is a gifted singer/songwriter. Her melodies and images stay with you. Her song 'The Kids Ain't Alright' is a powerful tune that deserves to be heard by a wide audience." Jan Nigro, award-winning songwriter, musician and Director of Vitamin L.

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Hello, friends! Hope it's a great day for you today!  

I'll be on WOWD Radio in Takoma Park, MD on May 19th from 11am-noon EST and you can listen online at  takomaradio.org

Look forward to playing some tracks and some live songs, too!  AND-- I will be announcing my new EP which will be available on CDBaby next week. Please check back here for direct link to CDBaby or email me now and I will send you the link with updates upon arrival!


Some other news...

 "My Daily Bread" is a finalist in the 2018 Peace Song Awards and was awarded a Silver Medal in the Global Music Awards. Also, this song was a finalist/added to RAWA's Songs of Social Change Compilation CD.

"I Paid Up" was just chosen for an Honorable Mention award for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest in the Americana category and "No Apology" was chosen for the Honorable Mention award in the Gospel/Christian/Inspirational category.  Last year, "I Know You" received an Honorable Mention award in this contest. So I thought I should mention that I am tres honored! :-)

Enjoyed a nice interview with Mark Helpsmeet that is posted here.

 And...Diana Quinn and I (aka Snarky Sisterz) have a bunch of gigs lined up here in metro DMV and in Maine this summer and we have released our new CD via CDBaby. Fun times!

 Namaste, y'all. Keep checking back for more news, gigs and songs! And remember, do what ya gotta do to say what ya gotta say!!