"Lisa Ann Wright is a gifted singer/songwriter. Her melodies and images stay with you. Her song 'The Kids Ain't Alright' is a powerful tune that deserves to be heard by a wide audience." Jan Nigro, award-winning songwriter, musician and Director of Vitamin L.

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 "We all relate to these songs, and Lisa sings hers just right." Phyllis Alden, Takoma Voice

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Hello and welcome to those who have arrived here!

This is my newest Youtube video called "The Kids Ain't Alright."  

Received featured radio play on Northern Spirit Radio in Wisconsin, the show called Song of the Soul. 

I'm so happy to announce that "My Daily Bread" has been selected for RAWA's Second Annual Song for Social Change Songwriting Competition as one of the eight runners-up in the contest. There will be a compilation CD available soon! Very grateful and thankful. Other updates: "I Know You" received an honorable mention for the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. So I thought I should mention that I am honored! :-)  Also, getting airplay for "I Know You," "Just a Little Thing" and "Here I Am" on KCEGcountry.com, which is cool. And Songshooter.com will be featuring "White Girl Blues."  And...Diana Quinn and I (aka Snarky Sisterz) will be gigging this summer in Maine: We will be updating dates soon! Still workin' on a new record. The songs keep coming. 

 Namaste, y'all. 


 background photo by Jane Brack